Frequently Asked Questions for Member of Brixham Archers

When and where can I shoot?

We have the use of our field at Churston, our Woods course and our Indoor Unit in Brixham 7 days a week, however during the first months of membership only specified club sessions should be attended to ensure that an experienced member is present to ensure safety. This also means that there will be somebody present to get access to club equipment.

We also host four open tournaments during the year, two field and two target, where archers from all over the Southwest compete. The success of these tournaments depends on the help and support of ALL members – from setting up the day before, selling refreshments to packing up at the end.

Weekly Club open shooting sessions are listed here.

You will be made welcome at any of these sessions. Please make sure that you ‘sign in’ on arrival.

From time to time you will receive information about club events – please don’t think that you are not experienced enough to be included – these events are for ALL members of ALL abilities, they are usually fun and a good chance to mix with other members.

Field Course

Our magnificent 36 shot 3D target Field course, set over 28 acres of beautiful Devon landscape is available to all members. Shoots are organised most weekends, as well as on an ad-hoc basis on weekdays by arrangement between club members. With the proviso that there be a minimum of one experienced Field archer per group.

Field Archery Information

What if I need help and advice?

ASK!! Any member will be able to give basic advice, and the club coaches are available by arrangement. We have no paid coaches and they give up their time willingly when asked.

What if I have a problem with any aspect of the club?

TELL US! We can’t help if we don’t know about it.

What do my subscriptions and shooting fees cover?

The subscriptions cover all affiliation fees to our governing bodies:

Shooting fees enable you to shoot as often as you wish and cover the clubs’ rental expenses on all venues.

How many members does the club have?

We currently have about 90 senior members and 20 junior members. Some members shoot on a regular basis, others not so often.

What equipment will I require?

We advise all new members to wait before buying bows and arrows as it takes a little time to determine the right equipment for each individual (bow style, poundage etc.). Club equipment is available during your first weeks of membership. However, it is a good idea to purchase your own quiver, arm guard and finger tab. Any experienced member will be able to advise you on these items. We would normally expect members to have all their own equipment within 2 – 3 months.

What events does the club host during the year?

We aim to provide club competitions throughout the year where we try to get as many members together as possible – these events are fairly relaxed and we will cater for all ages and abilities.

We also host about three open tournaments during the year where archers from all over the Southwest compete. The success of these tournaments depends on the help and support of ALL members – from setting up the day before, selling refreshments to packing up at the end.

These events bring in valuable income that helps keep your shooting costs to a minimum.

Who ‘Runs’ the Club?

The members! The club has a Committee but they need the help of members to make the club run smoothly. The club have no ‘paid staff’ – all work is done on a voluntary basis. This enables us to keep your fees to a minimum. Please offer to help where possible.

Any member can help with work and events throughout the year. Members are welcome to attend committee meetings and offer any help they can.

We hold regular Beginners’ Courses and Have-a-go sessions and volunteers are always required to help out – please don’t think that you are not ‘qualified’ to help at any club event, all help is appreciated!

What if I have an idea or suggestion about any aspect of the club?

Tell us! We are always willing to listen to new ideas from all members.

How do I find out about club events and activities?

There is a notice board in the container at Churston, inside the canteen at the Unit and you will be emailed with details of forthcoming activities. Some events are also listed on the club website:

We are also on Facebook both with our public facing page, and “Brixham Archers – Outdoor Shout box” our members only closed group.

We hope that you will decide to join us at Brixham Archers.