Boost Course

Now you have completed your Beginners Course and have understood the basic’s, what’s next?

Boost Archery provides archers with a series of regular and organised coaching sessions. It gives club members the chance to receive dedicated support from a coach, whether they are relatively new to archery or have been shooting for a while. Each session aims to help participants improve core skills for shooting and allow them to develop personally and socially.

Our Boost course is a continuation ‘improvers’ course, and covers the full spectrum of archery subjects in more detail, and will help to fill in some of the ‘blanks’. The course is split into six sessions:

  • Introduction & Progression in Archery
  • Drills and Skills 1
  • Equipment Introduction
  • Drills and Skills 2 and an Introduction to Field Archery
  • Equipment Tuning
  • Competition and Outdoor Training