Field Layout

There have been numerous questions and comments made around the layout of the Churston field for Target shooting, therefore, we wanted to ensure that all members are aware of the facts around the Rules of Shooting, and the limitations within which we operate.  Below is the relevant section from the Archery GB rules, with some of the critical distances highlighted.

We employed a professional team to survey and mark out the range in order to ensure that all criteria were met.  As you can see from the plan below, we have maximised the area we can use for Compound Unlimited, and other bow styles shooting over 60 yds based on the encroaching woodland which must be considered as accessible by trespassers.



302. Range Safety Refer to the diagram at Annex C.
(a) Overshoot Distances.
(i) Overshoot Line. The overshoot line is a line parallel to the shooting line positioned
at the required distance behind the targets and extending to the width of the side
safety areas.
(ii) Bows shot off the fingers.
a. At target distances up to 60 yards/metres the overshoot line shall be at least
110yds from the shooting line.
b. At target distances over 60 yards/metres the overshoot line shall be at least
50 yards from the target line.
(iii) Bows shot with Mechanical Release Aids. At all target distances the overshoot
line shall be at least 150 yards from the shooting line.
(b) Side Safety Areas. Each side safety area is the area in front of the shooting line and to
the side of the range (including the overshoot area) enclosed by a line from a point
10yds to the side of the shooting line, to a point 20yds to the side of the range at
100yds from the shooting line, and continuing on that straight line to the overshoot line.
Note: If the overshoot line is 150yds from the shooting line, the side safety area at
that distance will extend 25yds to the side of the range.
(c) Roping of Areas.
(i) ALL GROUNDS are deemed accessible by the public even if that involves
(ii) On grounds where the public have a right of access, the whole of the range as far
as the overshoot line and the side safety areas shall be roped off to indicate that
only authorized people can enter the area when shooting is in progress.
(iii) It is recommended that the roped area be extended to include an area 15yds
behind the shooting line and 10yds either side of the shooting line.
(d) Independent Ranges. Where 2 adjacent ranges are in use independently, each must
have its own safety area.

(e) Dispensations. Any club by reason of a bank or wall who may consider that the
overshoot or side safety area could be reduced should submit details with accurate
dimensions to the GNAS office for consideration for the granting of a dispensation.