For Sale – Recurve equipment

Update – Most items now sold, remaining are

Striker Recurve Hard Case








The case has scratches due to handling. The latches tend to stick which require a light touch to release. Foam has been shaped to accommodate a 25″ Riser and Short Limbs. There’s also a cut out for target sight. – £30


28″ Easton Platinum Plus XX75/1916: Set of 8 Arrows

04 03


Arrows are in very good condition, with typical wear and tear along the shafts from the arrow rest and button. – £20






I’m taking a break from archery for a while and would like to sell my equipment to those who would be interested. Below is a link to the website where all my equipment is displayed. If you see something you would like, please let me know using the contact form on the Equipment Sale Website.

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