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Archery GB Archery GBThe governing body of archery in Great Britain
GWAS Grand Western Archery SocietyRegional society for archery in the West Country
DCAS Devon & Cornwall Archery SocietyCounty society responsible for archery in Devon and Cornwall
FITA International Archery FederationWorld govening body for all forms of archery
NFAS National Field Archery SocietySociety responsible for field shooting in Great Britain
EFAA English Field Archery AssociationHome of English field archery
BLBS British Longbow SocietySociety to promote Longbow use in Great Britain
BBS Archery British Blind SportArchery Section


Quicks Local archery shop in Devon
Bow Sports Midlands based archery shop
Archery equipment and lots of useful information
Archery World Mail order archery equipment
Nidderdale Archery Traditional Archery shop
Merlin Archery Centre Target Archery and Darts shop in Leicestershire.
Perris Archery Essex based archery shop and shooting range


Hoyt Compound and recurve bows & limbs from USA
Win & Win Korean recurve bows & limbs
Easton Arrow manufacturer with lots of info on arrow selection
Beiter Makers of various archery products
Mathews Compound bow manufacturer from USA
Arrow-Decals Custom arrow labels from your logo’s
Carter Release aids
Bow Buddy Great Pocket PC Scoring and record software
BCY String manufacturer with good info
Brownells String manufacturer with good info
Richard Head Longbows Long Established longbow maker


The Glade
Archery Focus Excellent archery magazine either online or printed
Bow International

Useful Information

Archers Mate A classification and handicap calculator.
Archery Talk Archery chat
Archery Forum Archery chat
Sagittarius Twente University site with lots of useful information and links
Tenzone Cover mental side as well as physical side of archery
Hunters Friend Good info about compound bows
Moorabbin Archery Club Good section on stringmaking
Alan’s Archery Site with archer own experiences and thoughts
Playground Equipment A US source of information for beginners including the history of archery.
Easton Shaft Charts Good easy to use version of the Easton Arrows shaft selection chart
Apple Archery Good archive of articles

Other Sites

Torbay Guide to our local area
Met Office Wheather forecasts for your shoots
Mousebreaker Archery game and others

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