Club Membership Senior Application

Brixham Archers are an open club and welcome new members, young or older and of any ethnic origin. However, due to the nature of the sport, there are certain restrictions that the club may have to consider upon a request to become a member. These are:   

  • If archery could be detrimental to your physical well being
  • If you are physically incapable of drawing up a bow
  • If you are incapable of understanding and acting upon safety instructions
  • If, at any time, you have been convicted of an offence regarding weapons of any kind.


Senior Member Application
(Requested by GNAS for demographic purposes)
Would you be prepared to undergo a free of charge CRB check? *
Members of Brixham Archers share all facilities with Brixham Archers Juniors.
Have you, at any time, been convicted of an offence regarding weapons of any kind? *
If yes, we will require details of the offence – if you answer ‘no’ and an offence comes to light in the future your membership will be suspended immediately prior to investigation which may result in cancelling your membership.
Have you been a member of any other Archery GB club in the past? *
(Failure to disclose a medical/learning condition that affects your ability to take part safely as a club member could result in your membership being terminated).
Data Privacy – Personal data such as Name, address, contact details and date of birth as entered above will be retained by the club securely on computer systems for internal membership purposes only. I consent to these details being used in this way. (tick here)
I consent to my records regarding archery being held on computer, and have read and agree to the terms and conditions of membership below
Do you have any objections to your telephone number being on a list that is accessible to all senior members?


Being a member of Brixham Archers I agree to abide by:

            Brixham Archers Constitution and rules laid down by the Committee

            Archery GB Rules of Shooting

            Archery GB Protection of Children & Vulnerable Adults Policy

            Archery GB Equity & Action Plan

I agree to help wherever possible at club events, and for Brixham Archers to hold my details on a computer.

Brixham Archers have no paid coaches or members.  ‘One to One’ coaching is available by prior arrangement. 

If, due to a medical problem or learning difficulty, it becomes evident that any archer requires individual help or supervision at all times, then said archer will be responsible for providing a suitably experienced carer when attending the club.

The Club reserves the right to refuse membership to any person it feels would be unacceptable.

The committee reserve the right to terminate any individual’s membership if they do not abide by club rules, if their presence on the shooting line becomes detrimental to the morale of the club, and if information comes to light which casts doubt on the ability of the club to safeguard other member’s safety.

If your membership is terminated by the committee, you will receive a refund of any shooting fees paid in advance, however annual subscriptions are non-refundable.

Any complaint regarding the club or members of the club must be made in writing to the Club Secretary.

Whilst club equipment is available to use in the early stages of membership, members will be expected to acquire their own kit within a reasonable period of time – however, it is recommended that you take advice from club members before buying bows and arrows to make sure that you get the correct equipment for your individual requirements.  While making use of club equipment you will have to attend the specified club sessions to ensure that a keyholder is available to issue equipment.

Most members find it beneficial to have their own shooting tab and quiver as soon as possible – advice on these items can be obtained from any experienced member.