Club Membership Juniors (U18) Application

Terms and Conditions of Membership

Being a member of Brixham Archers I agree to abide by:

  • I will pay my fees for the year up to 1st August 2022
  • Brixham Archers Constitution and rules laid down by the Committee
  • Brixham Archers have no paid coaches or members. Coaching is available by prior arrangement and as a member you will help where possible at club events
  • If, due to a medical problem or learning difficulty, it becomes evident that any archer requires individual help or supervision at all times, then said archer shall be responsible for providing a suitably experienced carer when attending the club.
  • Any complaint regarding the club or members of the club must be made in writing to the Club Secretary.
  • Any member who persists in acting in a dangerous manner may find that they are refused the facilities of the club by unanimous vote of the committee.

Please note the following conditions which apply to participants under the age of 18 (juniors)

  • For juniors under the age of 14, the Parent (or legal Guardian) must remain with their child during all archery sessions.
  • In the event of insufficient senior members being available, the session will be cancelled.
  • For juniors age 14 and above, the Parent (or legal Guardian) must remain with their child until the session commences and at least 2 senior members are present. They must collect their child at the time requested – 2 senior members must be at the club venue until all juniors have been collected.
  • Make sure that the field captain is aware if an unknown person is to collect your child.
  • It is the Parent’s (or legal Guardian’s) responsibility to inform the Club of any medical conditions which might affect their child during archery sessions.
  • Minor physical contact may be necessary as part of coaching and the Parent (or legal Guardian) agrees to this.
  • If a child persists in misbehaving, or acts in an unsafe manner, they may be asked to leave the club.

Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults

Brixham Archery Club believes that when dealing with children and vulnerable adults, their welfare should always be of paramount importance. We are committed to providing an environment where young people can learn and participate in a sport free from harassment and abuse. All those people working with children have a moral responsibility to safeguard and promote a child’s welfare. This club has therefore adopted the NSRA ‘Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults in Target Shooting’ Policy to ensure peace of mind for both adults and children.

Application Form

Junior Member Application

Parental Consent

I, the undersigned hereby consent for the above named person becoming a member of Brixham Archers Juniors. I have also read and agree with the terms and conditions below. I confirm that I am the applicant’s Parent/Guardian.

(if different from above)
Data Privacy – Personal data such as Name, address, contact details and date of birth as entered above will be retained by the club securely on computer systems for internal membership purposes only. I consent to these details being used in this way. (tick here)
I consent to my records regarding archery being held on computer, and have read and agree to the terms and conditions of membership below