Seniors Beginners Application

Application to join a beginner’s course in Archery organized by Brixham Archers.

(to be completed by persons aged over 18 – If you are under 18 years old, please ask for a junior application form)

I hereby apply to join a beginner’s course in archery with the Brixham Archers Club and confirm that I do not have court convictions that might affect my appropriateness to be a member of the above club and society.

Seniors (18+) Beginners Application
Please list any Disabilities, Learning or Medical conditions, which you believe may affect your ability to take part in archery. (This information will be treated in absolute confidence and will only be used by your coaches to determine the most appropriate equipment and teaching styles to suit your personal needs.)
Personal data such as Name, address, contact details and date of birth as entered above may be retained by the club securely on computer systems for internal membership and records purposes only. I consent to these details being used in this way. (please tick)

Where possible, coaching is given by qualified Archery GB coaches. However, from time to time, Junior Assistant Coaches, Trainee Level 1 Coaches and un-qualified archers may be involved in coaching and teaching. The Archery GB accepts no responsibility in this regard, save its statutory liability in respect of personal injury or death caused by the negligence of Archery GB. If you have any objections or concerns about this, please inform the club officer in charge prior to the relevant coaching or instruction session.