Winter League

Winter League

BrixhamArchWintLeag5a-page-001We have now marked Round 4 and attach the result sheet for members attention. The winter league seems to be going well although we have found the need to alter things around a little to account for some competitors needing to drop out and retire. Please bear with us and remember it’s only a bit of fun.


To help competitors appreciate how scores are adjusted we have attached typical graphs illustrating the various bow styles compared with the base line Senior Male Recurve values. With the programme we are using the actual score is entered to produce an accurate adjusted score which is rounded to a whole number as it is a little inaccurate to interpret the graphs alone.


We have also tweaked a couple of other points. Firstly we must be prepared that other members may also drop out. Therefore in such an instance for the remaining un-shot rounds that person’s retired score will be the average of the rounds they have shot to date before retiring. This retired average will be used for their remaining fixtures.


Secondly as members may not be able to shoot a round for genuine reasons they should not be punished by a zero score affecting their overall average. Averages will therefore be calculated on rounds actually shot by a competitor. The league average scores however will take into account competitors returning a zero score and will therefore be the league total for that round divided by 11. We hope this seems fair and reasonable.


We would welcome good and bad feedback so that if the competition runs again we can make any sensible adjustments. We did wonder if next time leagues could be graded according to ability however without wishing to be patronising this may be demoralising  Being Torquay United followers Chris and myself know how this feels!


Happy shooting


Rob and Chris