Daily archives: April 18, 2014

Summer Season


Brixham Archers outdoor venue is now prepared and ready for use for the 2014 outdoor season. If you still need to complete your indoor league match, you have until April 23rd to do so.

Generally, with exception for bad weather if a key holder is present – the unit will be closed for regular use after the 23rd April.



It is important for you to know the gate access code as once you have turned a car into the lane, it is very difficult to reverse out onto the main road.


Rob, Chris and associates, have worked brilliantly on professionally surveying the field and marking out the field so that it fully complies with the NGB’s insurance criteria.

I have attached the plan of the new field layout for you to look at and understand where the safe target lanes are situated.

The shooting range orientation has been rotated around slightly. You will find that there are basically two boxes – The shorter wider box on the right is for target distances up to but no greater than 60 yards.

The longer, narrower box on the left is for target distances of up to 100 yards.

Compound bows or any other bows using a mechanical release/trigger must only be used in the left hand 100 yard box.

When setting out your targets and shooting line positions, you must be mindful and considerate to the space needed for other archers. Please align your shooting position squarely to the target!



Club sessions will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, with a club coach being available on the Tuesdays. Because of members working schedules, these sessions will be more flexible.

However, at the weekends on Saturdays and Sundays time will be more regimented.

Saturday – assembly by 13.30, ready for shooting at 14.00. Sunday  – assembly by 09.30, ready to shoot at 10.00.

By sticking to a proper start time, the club will be better placed to organise weekend fixtures. There are plenty of other times in the week for members to shoot a lot more informally!



Although it is socially better to be shooting with at least one other person present, the club are allowing Solo shooting only by experienced senior members who are vetted by the committee. Written applications must be handed to a committee member or e-mailed to the club secretary, Ian Caira – ianba@caira.co.uk.

If allowed the privilege of solo shooting – the target must be set up along the middle of the 100 yard box.



Within the answers to the recent club questionnaire, there were one or two people with skills that they are prepared to use for the benefit of the club. i.e. Woodworking skills, Administration etc.

Unfortunately, because the questionnaire is anonymous, we don’t know who you are! Please make yourselves known to the committee.



Alan George has kindly offered to organise “Settling in” sessions for newer members to become acquainted with several aspects that newer members need to be aware of or knowledgeable about. Subjects such as turning up and signing in – putting up targets and faces – general safety on the field – finding the appropriate score sheets and how to fill them in properly – where to get the club clothing from – explain the classification scheme – setting up bows etc (perhaps with the help of the coaches).

I think these sessions will be starting on Thursday 1st May.

You will be receiving more news of these sessions shortly.



Junior sessions?

The junior specific sessions that were being run by parent members, Liz and Steve (Thank you both), will be finishing on Wednesday 16th April (tonight at the Churston Field).

However there is no reason why a junior session cannot continue to be run by someone else if you juniors are wanting to continue with your own session.

It would appear that some juniors don’t have the time to continue, but others may well want and have the time to continue – It is up to you juniors and your parents to ask the committee to arrange to facilitate what you want!

(I personally think that a junior session should still be available to all the junior members).

For new junior members who don’t yet have your own equipment – don’t worry, the club have a certain amount of intermediate bows that are there for your use at tournaments until you acquire your own.

Please ask me (Malcolm – 01803 843097 or this e-mail address) about your equipment needs. We want you to advance and enjoy your archery!




There are lots of rumours flying around about the impending loss of the Indoor Unit.

Let me put you in the picture as much as I can. Basically I am not yet sure either, but we have been working to open doors to alternative venues!

Firstly, you must all realise how very unusually fortunate you have been over the last 20 months to have such a brilliant indoor facility!


Years ago we only had the use of an outdoor field at the cricket club all year round! No indoor shooting unless you travelled to a competition. Later we were fortunate to have the winter use of a hall/barn at a campsite.

When the campsite was sold we moved to the grammar school gym for two sessions each week of the winter. Latterly, these two sessions were costing the club around £2500 for the two sessions in the small gym. With the membership growing, this was becoming very crowded!

We looked around for an empty industrial unit that we could use for free!

The landlord was having to pay £7000 per year for rates on his empty property. We offered to pay the rates if he allowed us to use the unit for free until a proper tenant who would pay the £18,000 rent was found.


Brixham Archers registered as a CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club) in order to qualify for the mandatory 80% rates relief. We signed a lease that gave either party a 1 month period of notice to quit.

I must emphasise that the agent was extremely helpful in facilitating this agreement!

So the unit has cost us around £1400 rates per annum plus about £37 each month for buildings insurance, plus around £10 each week of the winter for the utilities

A brilliant facility at that cost for potentially 24/7 use!


Unfortunately for us, the landlord seems to have now found a proper paying tenant for his property and will want us to vacate sometime this year.

When we initially heard about the new prospective tenant, it was thought that we may have to vacate the property around March of this year.

We still have not been given notice, although I have heard by other means that the new tenant wants to be up and running before Christmas. (They would need to re-fit the unit in time for their opening).

The last time I saw the agent, he was extremely pleased with how we have looked after the unit and said that there may possibly be another empty but slightly smaller unit available for us move into if we lose this current one.

This is only a possibility at the moment!


So what are our options?


a/ Wait to see what or if the current agent has to offer us.


b/ We have been involved with two projects – one at S. D. College and another at Paignton Academy. With this “networking” we are hopeful that with already having a foot in the door, we may be considered to rent their facilities for next winter if needed. There is also the possibility of using the grammar school again.

However, these sessions would be a lot more expensive and at fixed times. We would also have to put up and take down the targets and netting.

But it may well be that we have to go back to doing what nearly all other archery clubs in the country have to do!

It may be possible to apply for a grant towards the extra expense of hiring extra shooting times. Who will volunteer to look for and apply for such a grant?


c/ The other weak possibilities are those of facilities at Brokenbury (doubtful) or perhaps being involved with the developments at Clennon Valley. (This is why we have been asking you to fill in the surveys)

With all the networking being done over the last five years – at least archery is now being mentioned by the powers that be. Although from my experiences to date, I would not be too hopeful!


The rent for the Churston field has been doubled this year – but at least we do have somewhere to shoot outdoors. We also have the woods that we rent for the “Field Archery”. These woods are massively underused!

Some years ago we had a very active field archery section, but some of us are getting older and the woods need young fit people to help to maintain them.

Fortunately, Bryan ( a very experienced  field archer) has re-joined the club and is willing to lead with the re-planning of the field archery course. Notice I said “lead” – not do all the work on his own!

Those of you who have never tried field archery should really go along and try it and then give help to Bryan in the re-building of the course.

I am sure that you will really enjoy the different discipline! More use of the woods would also help balance the use of all our facilities.

Bryan can be contacted on: 07976 215177.



Finally. Can I ask again that ALL MEMBERS consider asking yourselves “What can I do to help the club”. The club expects all it’s members to help in some way to run YOUR CLUB.

If “they” aren’t arranging what you want – Why don’t you become one of “them” and make your ideas happen!!