Advice from Nix for archers going to their first tournament

I remember my first indoor tournament very clearly. Butterflies in the stomach, sweaty palms, worried I’d get pulled up by the judges for doing something wrong, worried I’d not know what to do, perplexed by the “rule 307” dress code and ultimately feeling like I wanted to run away from it all!

Move forward five years and I’ve made it to national level tournaments and love the friendly atmosphere on the shooting line. My experience in both Devon & Cornwall competitions, and further afield is that everyone is super friendly and will help you loads. The archery community is a welcoming and encouraging bunch who want everyone to enjoy the sport as much as they do.

Here’s my (incomplete and rambling) guide to what to do at tournaments, split into helpful sections… (more…)

Hoyt Charger Bow for Sale



This is my Charger that I have shot for just over a year. It’s a left handed bow, the 30 – 40lb model in blue. The draw length is 26.5 at the moment, although I have modules to adjust it to 25 inches if you want.

It’s in very good condition, with a couple of nicks on the paint, where the rest has been adjusted or changed, and the wear you would expect on the string shocks. The photos show all of this. The strings and cables are all fine, and there is a D loop fitted.

The new price for the bow is £439 in Quicks at the moment. I’m offering this at £300 ono.

Contact Sharon HIll for further details

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