Field Archery Information

Field Archery requirements differ from target Archery, novice field archers will need to contact an experienced field archer to arrange to try field archery in Brixham Archers; this is due to our beginner’s courses focusing solely on target archery.

All novice field archers will be supported by an experienced field archer while they learn about field archery.

To try field archery you will need:

  • A Bow, Arrows, and Quiver (club kit is available, please arrange for club kit when you make arrangements with an experienced field archer)
  • A whistle
  • A sturdy pair of boots
  • Some waterproofs (just in case)
  • A drink is a good idea

Currently, we hold sessions most weekends.

To try field you can contact: Stephen Moss – (07813 889431) – Shoots most Sunday mornings

We have field archers who go to field competitions (generally NFAS).

To join NFAS you will need to be signed off by the clubs Sign Off Authority.

Below are the Archery GB rules of shooting (all club members are Archery GB members, and as such can shoot at the woods using these Rules of Shooting), and NFAS Rules of shooting (You will need to familiarise yourself with these Rules of Shooting if you wish to join NFAS).

Archery GB Rules of Shooting (Field)
NFAS Rules of Shooting