NFAS Sign Off Authority

NFAS is a completely separate body to Archery GB, and focuses on Field Archery.

To join NFAS you will need to be familiar with the NFAS Rules of Shooting, and show competence.

To join NFAS you will need to download the NFAS membership form from the NFAS website, fill in the form, and hand the form to one of our NFAS coaches Stephen Moss, Ellie Moss or Gary Walters, or our current Sign Off Authority – Malcolm Grant.

Stephen, Gary, Ellie or Malcolm will liaise with other experienced field archers, and follow the sign off authority guidelines, and codes of practice to assess your competence, and understanding of the requirements for safe NFAS shooting.

If you are competent they will sign your membership form, and return it to you to be sent off to NFAS.  If you are not competent they will highlight any issues, to help guide you through your next assessment.

Your assessment will be based upon the guidelines below:

Sign Off Guidlines.pdf