Rounds and Classification tables

Outdoor Classification Tables

These are classification tables for outdoor rounds shot on recurve, compound, longbow and barebow. They include round information, distances, average scores per dozen. They are laid out in an easy to understand manner.  The information is taken from the April 2014 Archery GB Shooting Administration Procedures.

Select the appropriate classification sheet for your group and bow style using the table below. The bow styles are on the top and the age groups on the left.

Apps such as Archery Scorepad can be very useful in keeping track of your scores against classifications.

Compound Unlimited
Senior Gents Gents Recurve Gents Compound Gents Longbow Gents Barebow
Under 18 Gents Under 18 Gents Recurve Under 18 Gents Compound Under 18 Gents Longbow Under 18 Gents Barebow
Under 16 Gents Under 16 Boys Recurve Under 16 Boys Compound Under 16 Boys Longbow
Under 14 Gents Under 14 Boys Recurve Under 14 Boys Compound Under 14 Boys Longbow
Under 12 Gents Under 12 Boys Recurve Under 12 Boys Compound Under 12 Boys Longbow
Senior Ladies Ladies Recurve Ladies Compound Ladies Longbow Ladies Barebow
Under 18 Ladies Under 18 Ladies Recurve Under 18 Ladies Compound Under 18 Ladies Longbow awaited
Under 16 Ladies Under 16 Ladies Recurve Under 16 Ladies Compound Under 16 Ladies Longbow
Under 14 Ladies Under 14 Ladies Recurve Under 14 Ladies Compound Under 14 Ladies Longbow awaited
Under 12 Ladies Under 12 Ladies Recurve Under 12 Ladies Compound Under 12 Ladies Longbow awaited

Indoor Classification Tables

These are classification tables for indoor rounds shot on recurve or compound. They are hopefully laid out in an easy to read and understand manner.

In the event of any tables looking incorrect, please in the first instance refer to the below attached document.