Target Setup

Target Setup


Regarding Straw “Egertec” Targets

These targets (bosses) are made from specially twisted and tightly coiled straw rope. The rope is slightly wedged shape in section.
When the rope is coiled to make a large disc, a slight convex surface is deliberately produced. This is to help the target withstand the many arrow impacts.

You may notice a label stapled to the back concave surface of the target when they are new. If these have come off with use then look for the metal staples.

New targets, when bought by the club, are usually marked on the back with the date of purchase, using spray paint.
One or two targets have been painted on the wrong side, so again, please look for the staples.

It is advisable to always carry the bosses across the field. Do not roll. To avoid injury or strain, use one of the trailers. Careful handling will prolong the life of both the boss and the paper face.

The coloured target faces must be attached to the convex surface. The FITA symbol on the paper face should be at the top left corner. To hold the faces firmly in place, a ‘nurses tuck’ should be used at each corner and held with pins into the back.

When preparing for a ‘Record Status’ shoot, the paper faces should be pinned in place on the day of the event only after the ‘Judge’ has measured for tolerance. (If left overnight, the paper may be affected by damp and be deemed not suitable).
It is especially important when pinning smaller target faces on to a boss for a ‘Record Status’ shoot, to put the target pins in carefully so as not to leave extra holes in the unused face.

Both the target and the stand should be securely anchored. For stability and the safety of arrows, make sure the middle back leg of the target stand is centered and the stand is tied down. The wire pins for the tie downs should be put into the straw boss at a height level with the top of the red scoring circle. In very windy conditions, double up with the tie downs.

The targets should be inclined by 15 degrees with the pinholes (spider) 130cms above the ground.
The whole face should be visible and none of the scoring zones (eg white) obscured by a large lip on the supporting arm of the stand.

Easy really!!