Target Archery


Target archery can be enjoyed by all, with a variety of bow types available including Compound and recurve as well as more traditional longbows and flatbows.  There are rounds available to suit all abilities, and Brixham Archers has the facilities to cater, with our indoor unit available throughout the winter season and field during the summer.


Outdoor Target Archery

Outdoor Target Archery is conducted on as flat a field as possible.

Archers stand astride a static and marked “shooting line” and shoot a predetermined total number of arrows at a target that is set at a known distance. The distances can vary between about 20 yards to 100 yards.

Usually six arrows are shot at one “end”. Then when all the archers have released their six arrows, the “field captain” blows a whistle to signal that it is safe for everyone to walk to the targets. When at the targets, the score for each of the six arrows of each archer is recorded on a sheet. When all the scoring is written down, the arrows are carefully pulled out of the target. The archers all walk back to the shooting line. When given the signal by the “field captain”, the archers line up to shoot the six arrows again.

Once having sent an arrow to the centre of the target, the challenge is for the archer to execute each shot just like the previous one. This requires a lot of concentration and self-discipline that may take some time in training to achieve.

A particular total number of arrows shot is called a “Round”. Each “Round” is given a name. i.e. “National Round”. A “National Round” comprises shooting 48 arrows at 60 yards, followed by shooting 24 arrows at 50 yards. Archers are allowed to shoot six non-scoring, practise arrows, called “Sighters”. “Sighters” are only allowed at the first and furthest distance. A “New National Round” is shot at 100 yards and then 80 yards. A Long National is shot at 80 yards and then 60 yards. There are lots of different “Rounds”, each with a different name, for archers to shoot.

Juniors can shoot “Rounds” where the targets are usually set at closer distances more appropriate to their age group.

Outdoor archery continues whether the sun is shining or the rain is pouring, as long as the “field captain” deems it is safe to do so.


Indoor Target Archery

Obviously, this takes place in a hall. Distances are closer (about 20 yards) and the targets are much smaller. The routine of shooting is similar to that of shooting outdoors. “Ends” are comprised of either 3 or 5 arrows. Again, there are quite a few different “Rounds”, each with it’s own name.